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Prayer is My Superpower

written March 27th, 2019

If you know me, you know that I’ve been in church since I was in the womb. Prayer and the power of prayer was introduced to me at a very early age. My first memory of learning how to pray aloud happened in our Wednesday night pre-teen's bible study class. I remember the teacher asking all the students to circle up and we would pray individually. First of all, I thought this was, umm prayer?! I pray in secret. I’m sure the other students were thinking the same. The teacher then proceeded to say, we’re all going to offer up a “sentence prayer.”

A sentence prayer is all we need. Just like you, I too was intimated by the long prayers of others. As Christians we failed to help others understand that a single sentence is just as effective. Think of it this way, when someone is drowning, do you think they yell out this long drawn out request? No, they scream; “Help Me, Help Me!”

God wants to help you. He doesn’t need a dissertation to move on your behalf. The act of you engaging in communication with Him is what God longs for. A sentence prayer changed the way I communicated with God. In this season of my life, I offer up single sentence prayers all day. There is a time and place for more intimate prayers, so for now just speak a line to Him. What's on your heart that you want God to know right now in the moment.

Imagine the relief on our pre-teen faces when we were able to confidently speak to God in a single sentence. Now imagine the relief you feel when you know prayer is your superpower to communicate with God. Your ability to exert how you’re feeling to God deepens your relationship with Him.

Single sentence prayers are also listed throughout the bible. Here are a few examples of one sentence prayers.

  • Lord I give you thanks in all things.

  • Lord help me believe that you are with me, even when I’m unsure if you are.

  • God help me do the things I should be doing when I’m currently not.

  • Lord help me trust that you have a plan for my life even when it may feel like it is a bad one.

  • May our hearts and homes become houses of prayer for all nations.

  • Please touch our bodies daily, making every cell whole and holy.

  • Day by day, moment by moment, less of me and more of you.

We’re commanded to pray. We know that the results of prayer are amazing for not just us but others. We can pray with eyes open or closed, I know shocker right! We can pray anywhere, in any position, at any time. I believe that we’ve been conditioned to feel like we can only pray a certain way or certain time, God wants you to take the limits off and pray to Him the way He leads you. God is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere.

The goal is to pray and pray more. Make it a daily habit to interact with God through prayer.

How can I pray for you today?

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