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Living Your God-Designed Life

written October 2020


I don’t know about you but 2020 has made us slow down. Slow down to spend more time with families, start businesses we’ve been putting off, redecorate our homes, tend to overgrown weeds in our gardens, put away piled up laundry, you name it we’ve done it.

As we enter the holiday season, many of you will innately make space to reflect over these last 10 months. The reflection has us looking back over this strange and chaotic year, thinking about what got you to this point. Whether you’re at peace with where you are or you’re disappointed about your current way of living, reflection is key in order to live a God-designed life. If you recall today’s post, remember every single moment has defined where you are today. All these moments have defined the year and lead you to where you are today.

You can continue to live passively, hoping for the best or you can approach the year and truly live the way God designed this life for you. That is with His vision, purpose and intentionality.

You may have been feeling stuck, life hasn’t gone as planned but what you’ve settled for.

Here are a few reflective questions you can journal about and share with your spouse and family as a way to hold each other accountable and move forward with God's ultimate plan for your life.

  1. What life experiences have you learned from your past? How do those experiences inform how you want to life live moving forward?

  2. What is your vision for your life? How do you want to feel about life moving forward? What all do you want to achieve?

  3. What are steps can you take to activate your purpose and live out your calling? Who is the sister friend that is going to hold you accountable?

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