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Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

written Jan 2020

"Now there are different gifts but the same Spirit. There are different ministries, but the same Lord. And there are different activities, but the same God produces in each person." 1 Corinthians 12:4-6

We all know that we are equipped with spiritual gifts. These gifts that God has given are not just for us but they are for others as well. These gifts open so many doors for us when we operate in them and align with God's plan for our lives.

Spiritual gifts open the door to grow your knowledge and relationship with Christ. Let us not be so obsessed with the gift that we forget about the gift-giver.

Remember that when discovering your spiritual gifts stick to what you know fits. The word of God tells us that we all have different gifts but we're apart of one body. We use those gifts to build up the kingdom. Operate in your own lane. We may look at someone else's gifts and think we can do that too. While that may be true, God has a specific gift or gifts just for you. Serve confidently in that area and be blessing to those God send your way.

"Attaining spiritual gifts is not the goal—they are the gateway. They are not a hobby to play with—they are tools to build with, weapons to fight with. We will be more effective as we put them to use for God’s glory and not our own."

As you take a look at these Spiritual Gifts, this isn't the end of the list. There's so much for that God could have gifted you. These definitions are just general, discern what's meant for you and explore that in whatever capacity you can to fulfill that assignment.

When discovering my spiritual gifts I knew I loved serving in the areas of worship, teaching, arts & speaking. If you look at the list, that's not necessarily listed by name. For example, when you look at teaching it seems to resonate with a pastor. I'm no pastor, but I know God has called me to teach women in many areas that leads to back to His word and builds up the kingdom.

What are the spiritual gifts that God has given to his people? Here is a list with definitions:


ADMINISTRATION: The ability to help steer the church, or a ministry, toward the successful completion of God-given goals, with skills in planning, organization, and supervision.

APOSTLE: A person sent to new places with the gospel. You may have heard of missionaries going to different countries to help spread the Word; they could be described as apostles. An apostle can also provide leadership to other churches or ministries and offer advice on spiritual matters.

DISCERNMENT: The wisdom to recognize truth from untruth by correctly evaluating whether a behavior or teaching is from God or another, ungodly source.

EVANGELISM: The ability to successfully communicate the message of the gospel, especially to non-believers.

EXHORTATION: Competence in offering encouragement, comfort, and support to help someone be all that God wants them to be.

FAITH: People with this gift have such great confidence in the power and promises of God that they can stand strong in their belief, no matter what may try to shake them. They can also stand up for the church and for their faith in such a way as to defend and move it forward.

GIVING: Those who have this gift are particularly willing and able to share what resources they have with pleasure, and without the need to see them returned.

HEALING: A capability used by God to restore others, be that physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

HELPS: Someone with this gift is able to support or assist members of the body of Christ so that they may be free to minister to others.

HOSPITALITY: A natural ability to make people—even strangers—feel welcome in one’s own home or church as a means to disciple or serve them.

KNOWLEDGE: This is the gift of someone who actively pursues knowledge of the Bible. This person may also enjoy analyzing biblical data.

LEADERSHIP: This aptitude marks a person who is able to stand before a church, to direct the body with care and attention, and to motivate them toward achieving the church’s goals.

MERCY: This is the defining trait of a person with great sensitivity for those who are suffering. It manifests itself in offering compassion and encouragement, and in a love for giving practical help to someone in need.

PROPHECY: The ability to speak the message of God to others. This sometimes involves foresight or visions of what is to come. This skill should be used only to offer encouragement or warning.

SERVING: A talent for identifying tasks needed for the body of Christ and using available resources to get the job done.

SPEAKING IN TONGUES: The supernatural ability to speak in another language (one that has not been learned).

TEACHING: The skill to teach from the Bible and communicate it effectively for the understanding and spiritual growth of others.

WISDOM: The gift of being able to sort through facts and data to discover what needs to be done for the church.

Not all Christians believes in all of these spiritual gifts. This is merely a reference from a personal study. Do your due diligence and consult God's Word for yourself.

What do you do next? As stated in the carousel on Instagram Serve, Pray, Test & Ask!

God wants to partner with you on this journey of discovering one of the reasons He created you to serve for the furtherance of the kingdom. Your purpose is not what you do, it's who you are. Identifying your spiritual gifts simply allows you to operate in a space that serves others as you glorify God. Your purpose is the what and your calling through your gifts is the how.

To identify your spiritual gifts, click here to schedule a Spiritual Gifts assessment with me.

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